Born in Zimbabwe I and having spent most of my life in this part of Africa I have a love for adventure, arid bushlands and sleeping under the stars with a fire for security.

Much of my work, from photography and film to remote logistics and counter poaching operations and training has been in hostile environments where intensive planning and preparation are the difference between success and failure and in some cases between life and death.

After completing my BA (hons) in Photography and New Media at London College of Music and Media  I returned to Africa to pursue a life of conservation and went on to complete my South African FGASA (field guides) qualification in 2007 and 2008.

Since those early days I have travelled, photographed and conducted anti poaching missions from Lake Kariba to the Malian Gourma region and the jungle of the Central African Republic.

I have a spirit for adventure and am normally happiest when I am adventuring on my BMW F800R. Always excited for a new experience and will say yes to practically anything. It is this spirit of adventure which was me added as a last minute team member to Antarctica where I spent a month on the ice with a South African research team.

Back home in Zimbabwe I am the managing director of a non profit, Kariba Conservation Programme which focuses on community led conservation and community development interventions.

Currently I carry out counter poaching training conservation missions in conservation areas and photographic and film contracts for conservation organisations whilst furthering my education with an  MSc in risk analysis, crisis and disaster management at the university of Leicester, UK.

Every year I carry out a few select photographic expeditions in my beloved Zimbabwe, Kenya and soon to be Central African Republic. So join me if you would like to have an unfiltered Africa experience way off the beaten track.


2021 Safari’s

Experience and rediscover
Kenya & Zimbabwe


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Getting my feet wet

Getting my feet wet

‘Looks like the rigs are outside the perimeter, Rudolph observed.  ‘Well, lets just go and check and then if they are we can go and wait in our ambush position’ I decided...  We were heading out into Palm bay toward Spurwing island at 2100hrs.  It was pitch black and...

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Sanyati West Recce

Sanyati West Recce

Driving through rough waters, with the sun rising like an angry blister over the Matusadona range was payment enough for getting out of my sleeping bag before dawn and to get 'eyes on' the target area...  All sounds very james Bondinsh, but there you go. First port of...

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