My fondest moments from when I was younger were visiting National Parks in Zimbabwe and South Africa with my family, and it is through these trips that I gained my love and passion for Africa and her wilderness areas.

Photography, film and story telling have been ingrained in me since early childhood since holidays with my mom used to make me write travel blogs when I was a young boy and one of them mentions how many black rhinos I saw on a children’s game drive at Hwange National Park.

Fast forward to buying my first camera whilst serving on operations with the British Army in 1999 my future was set. Following my time in the army I gained my honours in photography, new media and journalism in London and then moved back to Africa.

Over the past 10 years I have photographed studio lit corporate portfolios and adventure to the frontlines of conservation in war ravaged countries. My camera has taken me to all corners of the globe and I pride myself in being able to get into and out of areas safely which would daunt most other photographers and film makers.

I also run photographic workshops in the UK, Zimbabwe and soon will be embarking on some exciting new contracts, so watch this space. A percentage helping me provide equipment and workshops to communities who live in or adjacent to conservation areas involved in conservation.

2020 Safari’s

Experience and rediscover
Kenya & Zimbabwe

NB: Due to the Corona Virus all safaris’ will be postponed until further notice. I really look forward to hosting you in the near future!


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London to Edinburgh on two wheels

London to Edinburgh on two wheels

Riding my blue and white F800R BMW, who I have aptly named Kayleigh, or 'Ceilagh' (I like to think of her as a fiery Celtic) from London to Edinburgh I ate up the miles on the empty highway  For me riding a motorbike creates a sense of freedom like no other form of...

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Between two hippo and sanctuary

Between two hippo and sanctuary

Imagine my surprise when I saw first a human hand and then a head peer with panic around the wall! Oh my God someone is wedged in there with those two terrifying creatures! I dashed around and into the kitchen to see him attempting to clamber over the stove which has now been ripped away from it’s place in the wall. Helping him clamber over and avoid those massive teeth – it was truly a wonder that he hadn’t been sliced to shreds – I actually managed to ask him what the heck he was doing in the kitchen.

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