I have a strong security and risk mitigation background which began in the British Army and carried on into private security, counter poaching, investigations and counter insurgency operations.

I developed a strength in remote logistics, often in hostile environments where intensive planning and preparation are quite often the difference between success and failure.
With a deep passion for conservation, after completing my BA (hons) in Photography and New Media at London College of Music and Media  it was only I increased my skill set and went onto completing my South African FGASA (field guides) qualification in 2007 and working as an apprentice field guide / counter poaching operative for a year.

I live by the motto that one is only as good as their last job. In 2014 I contracted for Chengeta Wildlife, a first class counter-poaching organisation, run by Rory Young, in Malawi. I spent one month in the African bush photographing and filming the process of training rangers in specialised bush craft, investigations and apprehension tactics followed by in-operations training and mentoring.

In 2016 I was privileged to again be asked by Rory to join him in Mali to form a counter-poaching solution to save the critically endangered desert adapted elephant of the Gourma. This was a partnership with Wild Foundation. For more information about this great organisation visit www.chengeta-wildlife.com
This time I was to combine my talents and was able to film and photograph the training and mentoring process whilst being heavily involved in the actual training and mentoring of this unique counter poaching unit made up of Malian military and wildlife rangers.
From January 2017 when the in-operations mentoring went live there has been zero poaching incidents bar one isolated incident. A monumental and unparalleled success. I have also been privileged to work with rangers in the Dzanga Sanga Forest reserve in Central African Republic. As an avid adventurer I have also had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica and was able to document this amazing adventure as well by both stills photography and film. With countless road trips on my trusty BMW motorbike through much of Europe. 

I am currently furthering my education and embark on a advanced medical training programme whilst studying a MSc in risk analysis and disaster management at the university of Leicester, UK.


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London to Edinburgh on two wheels

London to Edinburgh on two wheels

Riding my blue and white F800R BMW, who I have aptly named Kayleigh, or 'Ceilagh' (I like to think of her as a fiery Celtic) from London to Edinburgh I ate up the miles on the empty highway  For me riding a motorbike creates a sense of freedom like no other form of...

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Between two hippo and sanctuary

Between two hippo and sanctuary

Imagine my surprise when I saw first a human hand and then a head peer with panic around the wall! Oh my God someone is wedged in there with those two terrifying creatures! I dashed around and into the kitchen to see him attempting to clamber over the stove which has now been ripped away from it’s place in the wall. Helping him clamber over and avoid those massive teeth – it was truly a wonder that he hadn’t been sliced to shreds – I actually managed to ask him what the heck he was doing in the kitchen.

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